Bringing back cornershops at the center of their communities.


Kamioun is the 1st   Tunisian B2B e-commerce platform that provides a one stop shop enabling retailers to purchase their inventory in an effortless and affordable way. 


Guided by transparency, shaped by convenience, and built on reliability. At the crossroads of commerce and community, we fortify small retailers, fostering trust and crafting enduring imprints.

A Solution That Empowers Retailers



Retailers can utilize the app for seamless inventory replenishment, ensuring the store is always adequately supplied.

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Next Day Delivery

We deliver in less than 24 hours with orders getting to the retailer’s shop from the time the order is placed. Delivery times are also convenient, letting the retailer pick what date is more suitable for them.

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Unlike other distributors, prices on our app do not fluctuate every few days, helping the retailer plan and manage their working capital better

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Our Partners

Transforming tomorrow, hand in hand with our partners.

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals who strive to do everything based on our core values- Empathy, Transparency, Exemplarity and Thoroughness. 

We believe these values should influence and drive everything we do in business and in life. And we believe this is the key in achieving our mission: which is to empower the small retailers.

We Are Hiring 

Want to join our team in revolutionizing B2B retail in Africa?